Monday, May 13, 2013

Appeal Cannot Stall

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Here is my latest blog post. This has never been about finding a murderer. If so, Obama would have just arrested me and put me on trial.

Detroit, MI, USA. Motown is about to go bankrupt. Detroit needs a long term plan to fix its financial problem. Detroit needs to attract residents, and to attract residents, Detroit needs to offer jobs. Finding companies to invest in rebuilding Detroit is critical to the long term plan the city needs to adopt.

Washington, DC, USA. Obama has called the investigation into whether or not controlling what the public knows about a crisis to avoid obvious culpability from being public constitutes a cover up a sideshow. It is not a sideshow; it is criticism. And Obama always reacts to criticism with his own brand of spite and malice.

As for sideshows, do you want to see a sideshow? The disgusting sexual objectification of me all against my will defines sideshow. I am not a sexual object, but I have been sold as one for four years.

Meanwhile, Obama has not investigated ANY of the doppelgängers he has hired to libel me with pornography. Of all the people who look just like me, I am special. I was picked out to be exploited by Obama specifically, and he has been trying to throw me away ever since. Obama has a personal vendetta against me, and he abuses his office to serve it.

I heard the argument that all of the doppelgängers had to wear wigs. Well, how much do you wanna bet the woman in the original, infamous photograph of the murder was also wearing a wig? Look at all of the libel the federal government has made of me since 2009. Look-a-likes for me are a dime a dozen.

Did Obama 'investigate' any of the women he hired to make libel porn of me? That is, did he put them in bubbles, take away all their human rights, fill them spy equipment, and rape them? This has never been about finding a murderer. If so, he would have just arrested me and put me on trial.

My brave rescuers, I was told that the standoff ended and that you all prevailed. Is this true? If this is true, why are you not here yet? What else do we have to do? Please ask my beautiful world for whatever you need.

A court decision demands action; the appeals process cannot act as a stall. For example, if the bubble is proven to be unconstitutional, then it immediately comes down. Beginning an appeals process cannot stall the fall of the bubble. As an example, if a suspected murderer is found innocent, she is immediately released from prison. The appeals process does not keep suspects in prison.

My beautiful world, never forget the five easy things you can do to help. Click here to read them again. We can win this. It just takes all of us.

If you need reassurances you will be safe if you turn in your evidence, please work with my beautiful world to keep you safe. Work out arrangements like I would make to keep Cuddlebunny safe if he chooses to turn in his evidence. If we reach a critical mass of people turning in their evidence, this point is moot, of course. That is another option.

I would be nothing without you, my beautiful world. Your love for me means so much. You are all so important to me. If you ever have questions for me, please just find me and ask. I have been an open book for four years.

SynSyn, as always, full speed ahead with impeaching Obama. I am dying in here. The persecution is killing me, and the sooner I can have happiness finally permitted in my life the better.

I heard he is trying to buy more time to destroy me with an appeal. Do not forget what the US Constitution literally says. Click here to see. We just need him convicted once regardless of any appeals process for Obama to be impeached.

Obama has vowed we will have to impeach him before he will ever allow the government to recognize me as a human deserving of basic human rights, so that is what we have to do. Show no mercy.

Is Lynn Boeset broken and begging for mercy, yet? I want her wallowing in her own excrement immediately. I need her whimpering in pain and misery. And thank you, Synny. You are such a hero!

Sweetness, where are you? Did you go back to LA? I heard you were on the road to get me Saturday night, and then Obama threw a tantrum. What will it take to get you here? I want to be with you in time for your birthday this year. What can we do about this?

Darling, I love and adore you! You got a whiff the wall must come down and you dropped everything to ride into town as my hero!

I am still in the middle of writing you a letter, my beloved Sweetness. I pray I am blushingly in your loving hands before the letter is. I do love and adore you so.

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