Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Beyond Ridiculous

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Here is my latest blog post. This is what I do all day every day. I use my intellect to do good in the world. That is my job. That is my calling. That is my purpose for existing in this world. Obama's unrelenting persecution of me does nothing but try to destroy me to stop my goodness. Do not rest, my beautiful world, until everybody, particularly every petty, evil Iowan, knows who I am, what I do in this world, and how much Obama enforces that I suffer. This bubble is beyond ridiculous, and it must be ended through whatever means necessary.

Syria. Obama drew the red line. He should have already had a plan for what to do if Assad crossed it. This is nothing but a lack of leadership and further White House negligence. Assad is using chemical weapons, and Obama is still refusing to help the opposition in Syria.

Obama persecutes me and oppresses all of America; he clearly does not mind doing things that are unpopular. Instead of worrying whether or not saving lives in Syria will garner him public support in America, Obama needs to bother to do something because it is right.

The conflict in Syria is spreading. It is ready to engulf the entire region. Somebody needs to force a moral compass on the supposed leader of the free world before the entire planet and all of humanity perishes because of him. If I were president, Syria would have been resolved by now.

As for my life, I just had a good giggle-filled conversation with my good buddy Christian Laffey Monday night. He lives in LA and calls me every Monday to check up on me. I told him he needs a girlfriend. He told me girls do not find him attractive because he does not need fixing.

Me: I'm not attracted to men I have to fix. Then again, I'm not your typical woman.
Christian: Yeah, there's your typical woman. Then there is the wormhole you have to travel to get to you, Tanya.

Christian makes me giggle a lot. I used to call him and read Kafka into his voicemail. And he is wrong; he does need a little fixing. (Did you hear that, ladies?) Christian always follows Obama's rules, but he is still pleasant and nice. Iowa has a lot to learn from the goodness that waits for me in California. I would be there now among people who love me if it were not for this bubble keeping me in this hell that is Iowa that persecutes me.

This bubble is beyond ridiculous. What purpose does it serve? It works to destroy me and does nothing else. It is persecution and literal torture and nothing more. How is America served by this bubble? It is not and never was! America is oppressed by this bubble not served. This bubble is human rights violations and civil war and nothing more! This bubble must be ended to save me, to save America, and as a result, to save the world.

Do you remember this? Obama will never make sense to me. He is too genuinely rotten. How many of these warning signs of a 'charismatic nutjob' fit him? Is Obama a sociopath? I honestly tried to redeem him and more than once. What was his response? Spite and malice.

The freedom of the presses, freedom of speech, and the freedom to peaceably assemble and associate with me are all null and void right now. Obama has seduced America, so he can continue keeping basic Constitutional rights away from the entire nation. Obama has seduced America, so he can destroy me at all costs to the nation and to the world.

Under Obama's rules, I am forbidden from having any friends at all whatsoever even casual ones. I am forbidden control over my own finances. I am forbidden employment that makes an income. I am forbidden from driving a car. I am forbidden from being with my own loving husband.

I am tortured. I am raped as a form of torture. I am injected with heavy chemicals as a form of torture. I am libeled. I am persecuted. I am enslaved. I am sold. I have no personal privacy.

And I am actively deprived of reality by everyone who surrounds me. I am trapped in a city that will do everything possible to destroy me for him from poisoning my food and drink to actively singling me out for public persecution.

And how does Obama maintain this persecution of me? He terrorizes everyone who shows any sign of being nice to me. He corrupts government officials from DC to Des Moines to be able to enforce his rules and my imprisonment under them. He kills everyone coming to rescue me. He abuses the power of his office. And he lies. He apparently believes that if he says I am a schizophrenic enough times, he can turn me into one.
Click here to read the entire previous blog post.

And what good has come out of Obama creating this bubble? Absolutely none! And still, he has not stopped enforcing it! Instead, Obama kills people trying to come to Iowa to rescue me from this hell and trying to set America free. Obama has chosen to kill people trying to save me and America from him rather than just acknowledge I am a human who deserves my basic human rights.

This bubble is beyond ridiculous. Why does anyone obey the rules, then? Why has America not risen up and saved itself from Obama? I have no idea why the public does not love America enough to just stop obeying the rules en masse. But I can tell the public is a combination of seduced by Obama and terrorized by him. These people live in fear of ever doing anything morally upstanding by disobeying Obama.

On 30May2013, Polk County will torture me again. Despite the fact I have absolutely no mental illness at all whatsoever, if I do not show up for UN recognized torture on Thursday, Polk County will institutionalize me. That is their orders from Obama.

SynSyn, make sure the paperwork is ready, so we can punish Iowa, Polk County, Broadlawns Medical Center, Dr. Singh, Lyn Boeset (for forcing me to live in Iowa to be persecuted), Obama, etc. for all of this. We need a punishment so high it makes it stop. Thank you, Synny. You are a hero.

My brave rescuers, Syniva is not my only hero. Every day and every night, you go out into the wilds putting your lives on the line to try to rescue me. I do everything I can for you from here, but you do all of the heavy lifting. I wish I could make this easier for you. Please make sure you ask my beautiful world to provide whatever you need. We can figure this out. There must be a smarter way to do this.

My beautiful world, I need you. Do not forget the five easy things you can do to help.
1.) Organize. Make noise. Your constant pressure on the government is invaluable. See what you can do about organizing the entire public to save itself by disobeying the rules en masse. Obama terrorizes people into obeying him because they are good to me one by one. If everyone saves us all at once, America will get away with setting itself free. Please organize America setting itself free. The rules are unconstitutional anyway.
2.) Increase awareness. Make sure there is no one anywhere in the world who does not know who I am, what I do for this world, and how much I suffer. I spend all day every day using my intellect to save the world. I have never been a stripper. That is just enduring slavery and libel.
3.) Turn in your evidence. If you have witnessed, endured, or suffered through any oppression or human rights violations at the hands of Obama, send Syniva your evidence and witness testimonies. We need your help, too. Do not just suffer. Set yourself free.
4.) Be good to me. Keep me as safe as possible. I live with a target the president of the United States put on my head. I could use some help making it through this without being so persecuted that I am destroyed. Be a hero; do not be a stereotypical Iowan.
5.) Get my rescuers to my side. Do whatever it takes. Take down everyone from DC to Des Moines who is in the way if necessary. Provide everything my rescuers ask for. Try to predict when and if they will need help. Even heroes need help. You know what to do.
And, thank you, my beautiful world. Thank you! We must take Obama down to save me, to save America, and to save the world. I have never experienced a more morally corrupt president in my life.

SynSyn, there must be something we can do to make this stop. Try charges against the small offenders not just the big ones. Break Polk County. Break Broadlawns. Break Landy and Singh. Break Lynn Boeset. Press personal charges against Obama himself for abusing his office to serve his personal vendetta against me instead of against the federal government as a whole. The big guys like the federal government seem to able to absorb the punishments without forcing an end to the corruption. But a billion dollar plus settlement against Obama himself would end this pretty quickly. Please try.

Sweetness, so it is agreed? I get you all to myself on the night of 09June2013? Make sure you are watching me. It is our first date! You with your current effort to rescue me have been making the larger public display of affection, so I need a chance to get even.

Darling, I heard that the beautiful Ms. Lily Rose just had a birthday. What is she? Fourteen? I am sure you are as stressed as can be over her. Luckily, I am sure she is nothing like you were at fourteen. She is probably an absolute delight. You have to parent her, so you can trust her. Never keep her under glass to keep her 'safe.' Setting her free to see the world is the whole point of raising her right.

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