Saturday, May 18, 2013

Obama has Decided it is Him or Me.

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Here is my latest blog post.

Washington, DC. This is when Democrats in both houses of Congress have to ask themselves if they are dedicated to their party or if they are dedicated to their nation. It is him or me. Either Obama gets impeached, or Obama destroys me. My rescuers are still dying on the lines trying to come save me. Obama has given us this only way to save me. Can you imagine a world without me? If you do not want me destroyed, Democrats, you know you have to impeach the raping and torturing monster who instigated a policy to destroy me four years ago.

Concerning Obama's guilt: I am a very big deal. Orders concerning me come straight from the top. Now imagine me free to serve the world instead of literally being driven mad by the US president, so he can justify imprisoning me in the first place. Look at my hair. This poisoning and drugging of me started when Obama's bubble started; it is an integral part of his policy. I am a very big deal. Orders concerning me come straight from the top.

I have been warned numerous times that the level of threats against me from the federal government has gone through the roof because we have been so effective with holding Obama accountable. When is enough enough? When are there finally enough threats against me from Obama that I get security? Imagine the world without me; it has never been more obvious that I cannot be safe until Obama is impeached.

Obama is already raping and torturing me; you have my hair. He tore open my nose to stick the tracker for the electrobeams (It is a military weapon it takes orders from the president to operate. Feel free to talk to the NSA about it.) up into my sinuses; you can see it in an X-ray. We have proven he is literally trying to drive me mad with chemicals. I have spent four years attacked and persecuted by Obama. Now, he is making threats on my life; when do I finally get security?

I understand that Thorbald and his colleagues are keeping me as safe as possible from the shadows, but I need 24/7 protection in my immediate vicinity. How safe can people keep me if they are not right by my side? Imagine the world if Obama gets his way; imagine the world without me. Now, send me security.

Thorbald, if you blow your cover by showing up and sleeping with me, you will still have a job. I will always need security for the rest of my life. Could you handle watching over me as I sing and dance and save the world for the rest of your career? You will be taken care of if you show up in front of my eye camera.

As for the minutia my life, I went dancing Thursday night. Dance, particularly to live music, is how I meditate. I focus on the live performance, and my body follows. If my eyes are shut, I am under the spell of the music. My mind clears when I dance. It is just me and the flowing music.

I had a moment with Billy Squire once when I was at one of his shows. I opened my eyes at the end of a song, and he was looking right at me. For a moment, I could not tell which one of us was under a spell.

A little later, Billy invited a school for the deaf to one of his shows, so they could watch me dance. And so they could see what rock music looks like. It was a good night.

My brave rescuers, are you okay? You keep saying you will show up, and you keep getting stopped. I hate when you die. Stay safe out there. Obama has a history of throwing tantrums not just by hurting me but by hurting you all, too. I pray I make this world worthy of all your sacrifice.

SynSyn, full speed ahead with impeaching Obama! I love you, Syniva. You never let me down. You are the world's best BFF ever, and you should be celebrated more often. I cannot wait for when we finally get to spend time together. Hallelujah! That you are as genius and are as determined as I am to get this bubble burst.

Sweetness, I see you were in the news. Click here to read the article. Congratulations! I knew your genius would be properly recognized one day. (Squid giggles.)

I do so thoroughly love and adore you, my darling husband. You would think Obama would want to look compassionate before the courts and would therefore allow us to finally be together after so many tormenting years apart. But he is obstinately dedicated to getting himself impeached instead. Letting us be together would go so far with making Obama look like less of a torturing and raping monster. But it was Obama's choice whether or not we impeach him, and he chose to be forced out of office. It is him or me, and I pray the government rescues me.

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