Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Locals are (Expletive)holes.

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Here is my latest blog post. I do not have much longer holding on in here in the hell they call Iowa. Take down everyone from DC to Des Moines who is between me and my human rights.

I would love to do my job of addressing major world and national problems and fixing them, but I am too damaged by Obama and the locals who obey him. I am too filled with hate today to show love for the world. Yes, Obama has made me hate. His persecution is killing me. Iowa is the weapon he wields to destroy me.

Synny, I know how busy I keep you, but have we laid it to rest yet that I have absolutely no mental illness? And what is this rumor I keep hearing that I am on Obama's terrorist watch list? Am I the first pacifist to ever make this list? If this is true, the charges start with libel, end with persecution, and cover everything in between. Then again, it might just be a rumor.

SynSyn, I know I keep you so busy. Just add these charges to the list if they apply. As long as I am not on some terrorist no-fly list, we are fine. Please see what the courts can do about cleaning up my reputation.

My beautiful world, I am sure you have all seen by now some strange man who claimed he was from Texas try to offer me therapy Monday night. Make a podcast out of it. I was not upset he argued with me. I was upset he refused to acknowledge reality.

I have never once given anyone nor anything other than Sweetness and Syniva power over me. But that has never stopped the evil from breaking the law just to take it. He refused to acknowledge reality. That is how he upset me.

My brave rescuers, I hear all day every day that you will be coming to rescue me at night. There must be something we can do to actually get you here. I am dying in here. You are dying out there. Please figure out what you need.

My beautiful world, I do not have much longer. The locals keep going out of their way to damage me as much as possible. All of our efforts to get the truth to them have only made the locals treat me worse. They hate me more than ever in here now. Please help rescue me.

SynSyn, on 02May I was tortured by Polk County. I assumed you already took care of it, but in case you did not, please press every charge possible against every single guilty party. I want people in prison over this. They plan on torturing me again 30May if I do not get a rescue first. We need to teach Iowa a lesson.

Also, spare no expense shutting down Wellman's and every other bar under control of the owners. They decided to refuse me service because I told the truth about one of their bartenders roofying me. Not only do they need a lesson in customer service and business ethics, they are protecting their staff for roofying me. Press criminal and civil charges against Sid. Press all charges possible against Wellman's. Take them all down. You have my hair.

Do you remember Matt, Synny? Matt is the guy on crutches who used to live down the street from me. I used to meet him at Wellman's. He was the only reason I would go in there.

One Sunday afternoon when I was at Wellman's, I remember Sid flat out saying. "Only drink the beer here." I only drank soda, so I did not think much of it. When asked why, Sid said, "All the bottles are drugged." When asked why, Sid said, "Because money makes the world go 'round." He was not talking to me. I barely noticed the conversation. And one of the next times I came in he roofied me.

Apparently, money talks to Sid a lot. It is time to teach Sid a lesson about money used properly. It is time to put Sid in prison. Please click here to read my original 10Dec post about Sid. Thank you, Syniva!

The good news is Zimm's cleared their name with me. Aaron took the plea deal. So, everyone who now will refuse to go to Wellman's because of Sid can go to Zimm's because Aaron is now a hero. Yey! Zimm's!

Sweetness, I am supposed to be your rock. I understand this. But I am a mess in here. The unrelenting persecution and imprisonment in a land of evil is too much for me. I need a chance to heal. That is your job. You are the only thing that can heal me. I love and adore you. You are my hero and my king. And I need you more than ever.

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