Friday, February 18, 2011

In Case You Missed the News...

My criminal father does not allow me enough of my own money to hire a lawyer to fight him. He needs to be put in jail for perjury. Please, world, take care of putting him away for me. He claimed under oath and in sworn documents in late 2010 that I am a legal Iowa resident. I have not been an Iowa resident since 2008. He perjured himself in order to gain adult guardianship over me, stole control of my finances, and now does not allow me any of my own money to ensure I must life in his home. I have a whole $6 in my checking account right now. I have no way to gain freedom without enough money to hire a lawyer. My father is evil. He broke the law, and it has caused me harm and damages. I need you, my beautiful world, to take care of this. I need you, my beautiful world, to put my dad in jail. I promised that if he continued to harm me I would spread around his personal information. That is forthcoming.

I am now hunger striking until I get my human rights. The one thing that would have delayed my hunger strike is if I had the means on hand of putting my dad in jail. He is too evil for me to afford a lawyer, so the hunger strike is now. I have no money to leave the house anyway, so this is the best time to do this. I will not eat until I have my full human rights. I might allow myself as much as one cup of milk a day, but I chose not to drink it today and likely will choose not to drink it most days.

Tell Obama the time has come to stop persecuting me. I need my full human rights. I need them now.

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