Tuesday, February 15, 2011

In the News...

This is my second blog post today.

The Oscars are on in just less than two weeks. It sounds like a party this year... even if most of the big name movies are depressing. That happens every year, though, doesn't it? You cannot make a happy movie, in most cases, and expect it to be taken very seriously. I hear "The King's Speech" has a happy ending.

It seems the women of Italy have spoken. Congratulations, ladies, on work well done. Now, let us hope justice prevails. Women are equals, not objects... nor (as in my case) disposable.

Iran, you cannot have a government without the support of the people. The people are speaking. The government needs to listen. Being power-hungry will not get you anywhere... Being responsible will.

Tunisia, you just won a revolution. Why are you fleeing? Why are you not building the government of your dreams instead? You have a chance to fix the problems in Tunisia in a way the serves the people. Do not shirk your responsibilities now.

It looks like George "G-Dub" Bush, Jr. has bribed himself a scapegoat for starting one of the longest wars in which the US has ever been engaged. They say money talks. I prefer to say money lies. Do not let G-Dub off the hot seat for his wrongs. There is no better time for holding war criminals responsible than now.

Similar in theme, Obama the Oppressor does not plan on giving me my human rights until he can find a scapegoat and lame excuse on which to sell the public. Do NOT let him get away with it. End this now. Do not give Obama the Ass enough time to fabricate a way out for himself. That is what he is waiting for.

My Beautiful World, please also do not stop supporting those that support me. I know it is hard to find a way to help me directly, but helping those that can get help to me does wonders. I know you are all out there doing everything you can. It is time, though, to kick things up a notch.

I know that Obama the Oppressor is feeling pressure from inside the US (California, you are one of my heroes.), but I am wondering about the pressure other countries put on him. How many world leaders out there always wanted to tear a US president a new asshole? This is your chance. France, I know you are listening. If you act out of love, the repercussions are only love.

If the population of the world, including the US, says they have had enough with President Incompetent persecuting me, he will actually be forced to set me free. China, Russia, Argentina, the EU, (The Middle East is a little busy right now.) the United States, and all of Africa, just to name a few, we all know you love me. May I ask you for help? May I ask you to write a letter to the White House or make a phone call or send Obama an email? I do not need you to take to the streets for me, but you as people of the world can do so much if you just make your voice known. I need your help. Please.

Sweetness, whatever you are doing, keep doing it. We are so close to having this ended... I can even feel your heart next to mine sometimes as I fall asleep. I am doing all I can to make sure you have help. I love you.

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