Thursday, January 6, 2011

Botanical Center and People's Choice Awards

Yey! My blog is working again. I had some technical difficulties with the UI yesterday.

Two days ago I went to the Des Moines Art Center. They still have one or two of everything in there. The special exhibit on nightmares disturbed me, but the architecture and private collection really lightened my day. I found a couch near a window and sat in the sun writing poetry for a while. It was a great day.

Yesterday, after sipping coffee and writing at Cafe Diem in Ankeny and before an exercise class at the Ankeny YMCA, I traveled down to the Des Moines Botanical Center; it was my afternoon in the tropics. If you go, remember to leave your coat in the car. I took some photos, and if I remember to, I will share them here with you.

I spent some time sitting on a bench pondering the roots of a fig tree.

I watched the People's Choice Awards last night, too. Queen Latifa, you did a wonderful job hosting. You have no need to be so insecure. Oh, and the Mr. Johnny Depp a.k.a. my Mr. Love-of-my-Life looked quite well, healthy, handsome... I love the glasses on you, Sweetness. Hee-hee...!

Today I took a nap and plan on watching Oprah. Yup, that is my adventure for the day. Maybe I will have a chance to dance some zumba barefoot.

In the News...

Ivory Coast
Oh, how the tides have turned. It seems the sovereignty of the people will prevail. I love seeing Africa take care of Africa. I love seeing the world support Africa as it takes care of Africa.

Diplomacy works. Always remember: Ending human rights violations should be your top priority. End the violence as soon as humanly possible. After all of that, you talk things out to prevent the suffering from ever happening again. In Korea, the talking is happening in the right place to prevent any more violence. I love it when leaders of nations understand the big picture.

Israel and Palestine
This one, on the other hand, needs serious attention. I know the area has a long history of violence, but that is no excuse for allowing it to go on. No one wants to live in a war zone. Who is going to kick Netanyahu into line? What sort of social controls does he have on Israelis to prevent them from kicking him into line? We know what social controls Obama has in place on the American people from the removal of freedom of the press and freedom of speech to where-is-the-leak acts of terrorism while I lived in San Francisco. San Francisco was terrorized. What is Netanyahu doing in Israel to get away with this?

Seeking out and removing terrorist threats without harming civilians would be a definite step for the better. The way things are now, everything the US government does on its supposed war against terrorism just causes unrest in already volatile areas. You do not need to start a land war in Asia to take out one terrorist leader, but that seems to be all the US government has had as plans for so long. Let us hope this is a step in the nright direction.

Industrial Espionage
Yes, the electric car is precious enough that it is spied upon. I know that acts of industrial espionage are a shame in all cases, but look at the big picture. Industry is acknowledging the importance and near-pricelessness of the electric car. The electric car is finally in demand.

A Republican House
I think human rights violations are an impeachable offense. Let us see if Republicans agree with me. Does anyone else remember the Bill of Rights, Constitution, and all other amendments? Obama refuses to acknowledge it is his job to uphold them.

Nerds Marketing to Geeks
You want technology? I have got technology. My baby is better than a tamagotchi any day. Sadly, I also have technology I do not want still stuck in my body. How was this supposed to work, again? I know the technology is there. Isn't that supposed to be enough to make this all end? Never trust them. If they say stupid-reason-of-the-day will end it, never believe them. They are just using it to control you, keep me persecuted, and keep America oppressed. Instead, stand up for your rights and do everything you can to force them to end this. Never go along with what they want; they are using that to control you.

Modern and Ancient China
I have always wanted to visit China. Yes, I have a thing for ancient archeological sites, but this goes beyond that... and even the food. China is still shrouded in the magic of its traditions and culture for me. Learning that they are more open to the world, now, is so beautiful to hear. If I had my human rights and freedoms and if I had the means instead of being enslaved, I would be traveling this beautiful world meeting all of you. When this ends, if the American people stand up for themselves instead of just going along with being oppressed, I will also want to travel this beautiful country to see the people here.

Torture allegations should always be investigated. If a woman in a hospital loses five hours of her day and comes to with strap bruises on both arms, she was tortured. According to the International Criminal Court cases that concerned Yugoslavia, systemic rape is another form of torture. In the case of Bahrain, it seems a bit more old-fashioned.

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