Thursday, January 13, 2011

Valentine's Day for Over a Month

My first Valentine's Day (which will last for over a month this year) gift for my darling should reach him in Los Angeles today. I cannot wait! In fact, I should be putting his next gift in the mail today, too. Please take good care of him for me until the oppression of the government breaks and we are finally allowed to be together. In the mean time, I am singing the blues. Just refuse to comply already, people.

For those of you out there who are confused on the definition of "democracy" and think that it is a sign of "communism" to have THE PEOPLE running the country... please use a dictionary before you speak again. The link is here. In a democracy, the supreme power is vested in THE PEOPLE. Thusly, if THE PEOPLE organize, pick a day, and refuse to comply, it is not an act of "communism." It is instead democracy in action. How do those particular, demonic, dictionary-less politicians choose their rhetoric? They are banking on the American public being a bunch of idiots. Well, it is a good way to find the source of the problem; find a politician who cannot use a dictionary.

This world needs a leader willing to help get humanity through Global Climate Change. We need to bring weather prediction ahead of the storms in order to get as many people to safety as possible BEFORE the castastrophies hit. We really need to get cities out of flood plains. There is so much that has to be done. There are technologies that must be conceived of and built. This world needs an intelligent, forward-thinking leader, and this world needs this leader now. We are not marching to the speed of certain politicians stalling my human rights with their lies, but we are marching to the speed of Global Climate Change... and we need this bullshit over with now.

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