Wednesday, January 26, 2011

My Existence is like Watching Paint Dry.

I wait. I wait for the day my human rights are restored. Though, I committed no crime, I live punished and suffering. A person must stand trial and be convicted before her human rights can legally be taken away. And, we are all supposed to be innocent until proven guilty... Yet, I suffer. This is undeniable persecution by the US government. You need to organize and refuse to comply.

It is another day. I am still persecuted. America is still oppressed. What are their lies this time for why this must continue? And why do you still fall for those lies?

Some might consider my cinematography art created with nanotechnology. When I noticed the cameras were there, I tried to make the world a more beautiful place. No one was willing to acknowledge them. No one is yet willing to let me have them removed. I did everything I could to make the world realize just how beautiful it really is.

With all of the crimes committed against me, why would I let them win? Why would I let them ruin me? Yes, I have privacy issues from all of this... but who could survive this without any? Most people could not have survived this at all. Let us hope no one else ever has to.

I am sitting at Cafe Diem (caffeinate the day) right now. I wanted to cozy in and write a love letter, but I am so disgusted with not being allowed near the love of my life that I am getting the anger out by blogging. This really is a vent for me. It is how I get things off my soul set it all free on the ether. At least some part of me has freedom. I should be writing that love letter soon... It is Valentine's month, after all.

In the land of the mundane... I sleep too much. The water makes me sleepy and gives me headaches. I should go to the gym more often, but the water makes me so sleepy. The Australian Open has been delightful, but I keep missing when Roger Federer plays. Damn water knocks me out.

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