Monday, January 17, 2011

Imperfect Black Pearls

I have taken to wearing imperfect black pearls in the afternoon. They make me feel glamorous. My palingenesis is almost complete.

I want to go to the movies today. I know that Martin Luther King Day is supposed to be reserved as a day of service, but I do that so often. Today, I want popcorn and a silver screen experience. What do you think? True Grit or Tron: Legacy? I cannot believe I still have not seen either. Huh, it looks like the Green Hornet is out now, too. How far away is The King's Speech playing?

There has been a glut of news worth commenting on that has made it through to me lately. On the upside, I have no idea what this "heated political rhetoric" is that everyone tries blaming stuff on. I have yet to hear any of it. I personally see nothing wrong with having a passionate interest in the direction of this country. I see wrong in making money off of people having a passionate interest in the direction of this country, and I see wrong in people lying through their teeth to oppress the American public. But I see nothing wrong with a passionate interest in politics.

I am listening to this right now as I sit here at Cafe Diem (caffeinate the day). I have coffee and an itching to dance. I hope you have all noticed by now that I am more than a brilliant dancer.

That said, I have a bit of advice to offer Steve Jobs: dance therapy. Find someplace with privacy, hire a band, and set your body free. I have no worries about your soul, Mr. Jobs; I am sure your soul is just fine. But beyond being good for the soul, dancing does wonders for the body and mind. I plan to take it up again myself someday soon.

I watched the Golden Globes last night. What is it about my darling man, the Mr. Johnny Depp a.k.a. my Mr. Love-of-my-Life that gets DREAMIER everyday? He has transcended his sexy... His pheromones no longer feel the need to make every living human swoon and fall at his feet when he enters the screen, but his super-human aura is just getting shinier. The dreamboat is getting dreamier. He has found an appeal stronger than sexy.

There is now flooding also in the Pacific Northwest. Mother Nature is speaking. When will humanity listen? There will be no new, unseen forms of weather. We will only experience weather we have all seen before, but it will be much more dramatic. On the upside, this means we can predict it all. We just need to get our meteorologists up to the task. We need to get our technology up to the task. We need humanity to be ready.

This one sounds like something out of a Jasper Fforde novel. They want to clone mammoths. Is anyone else worried about the quality of life of the mammoth? This is no longer the Ice Age. Where would the mammoth live except in captivity? This sounds like cruelty to a mammal that already lived out its purpose to evolution. Why not bring back the dodo? Or some other species that we as humans cut short with our carelessness. Oh, and do not forget. If you ever clone me, the babies are mine to raise.

I have a similar view of stem cell research. I believe the stem cells should belong to the baby they were taken from, and when that baby reaches 18, he or she should be the one to decide if the cells could be used for the advancement of science. Of course, if the child's life is cut short, the parents would then decide whether or not the cells could be used. The whole point is that we should own our own genetic coding. We should have the power to decide what is done with our own DNA.

Okay, so my little sister just shared an adorable article on Facebook about polar bears, and it made me think of quantum physics and the act of observation. Do we all act self-conscious when we feel watched? I know I do. Then again, I live every day with spy equipment in my head against my will. I would really like the feeling of not being watched, for once. Why is it, again, that no one is allowed to acknowledge the common-knowledge spy equipment in my head? Does any of this make sense to ANYONE? And why does the American public just go along with being oppressed this way? WAKE UP, AMERICA!!! YOU ARE OPPRESSED!!!

Well, that's it for stuff on my mind lately. I hope you all enjoyed!

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