Saturday, January 22, 2011

I had a Lazy Night Last Night.

After spending Thursday night down at the People's Court in Des Moines taking in a rock show, I spent Friday night baking cookies and watching tennis with my mom. The weather is so cold over here that I spend a great deal of time huddled under the covers trying to keep warm. I actually made it out today, though, and am sitting at Cafe Diem (caffeinate the day) typing these notes to the world and posterity.

The Australian Open has been great company to me lately, in a world where barely anyone speaks to me. I am beyond sick of, tired of, and fed up with how persecuted I am by the US government. This is what the headlines look like when I surf the internet for news. I cannot get any new music on the radio, and my friends are kept out of contact with me. All of the water around here, including bottled, makes me sleepy and gives me headaches. Physical safety is still new to me, particularly while I sleep. At least that is a turn for the better, I suppose. But it is a recent one. My father is a monster he himself forces me to endure. He is such a sadist. Which part of 'end the human rights violations first' does the US executive branch claim is in a foreign language it cannot understand?

Obama is such a pansy. With all of the controversy and oppression he has caused in this once great nation, he is going to discuss unemployment at his State of the Union address. Loser. I am not joking. The Secret Service should be warned. If I ever meet that bastard president, I will slap him. Considering all of the horrors he has put me through, it would be a compliment to him.

There is revolution in the air. The people are speaking, and governments are succumbing. Where is ours?

Personally, I believe in a separation of religion and state. Sometimes, though, one might have to say something to the other to keep things running humanely. I never once put a chip in anyone's head. If you still have one, and with this I address the people of the UK and the people of my beloved San Francisco, I suggest you have it removed as soon as possible. What did they do to you to force you to get one? I know the British are just weak-willed and (when around me) prone to cruelty, but San Francisco... really? What snake-tongued lies did they sell you? This is a good time for religion to help with spiritual healing. The governments were beyond out of line. This was the sort of thing the government should have stood in the way of from the start not merely helped along.

It is another day. I am still persecuted. The American people are still oppressed. The world is still flooding. And I can see no signs of progress towards ending any of this. It is like I am screaming into the dark everyday.

I fear my father is having a break with reality. It might be based in the water he drinks, but he berates me with his irrationality. My dad needs a reality intervention and deep counseling. Someone please volunteer to take him aside. I cannot endure his sadism any longer.

Sweetness, the next gift goes in the mail Monday. Expect it Wednesday. YEY! I love you so much. It is Valentine's month!

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