Monday, January 24, 2011

Follow-up to the Executive Summary...

Obama was preened to be elected to get everything through Congress to ruin America... everything from bailouts for Wall Street executives to the construction of the wall between the US and Mexico. With all of the horrors that face America, the coming State of the Union address will be about money. Yes, we have learned what Obama values most... Well, maybe he values power more than money... I am not even sure if I am going to watch. Obama just is not worth my time. And if I do, I know I will spend the entire time yelling at the man who persecutes me to take his damn red tie off... as if he ever supported me. Obama is the man who persecutes me and oppresses America. He is the president of the United States and the head of the US executive branch; that is how culpable he is.

Did you ever wonder what I want? Did you ever wonder why I sit at this computer everyday screaming at the world for help and attention? Well, listen up. I want my human rights back. Why is it the FBI is not working on that one? Oh, wait, that is because the US executive branch actively persecutes me. Every person who believes this should continue for any reason is part of the problem. Stop falling for their lies. Organize. And refuse to comply. I want my human rights back. We all deserve our human rights back.

Oh, Moscow. My thoughts are with you. May your survivors and the families of the dead heal quickly. But make sure you only let the blame fall where it is truly due. This must be an emotional time for you. Be careful that you only seek out true justice. Look what happened to world after the blame for the Twin Towers and 9/11 fell on the wrong place. There is no need for another one of those.

"It is not enough to conquer. One must be able to seduce." --Voltaire (sort of... I do not know who translated the quote.) This is an act of warmongering. This is not an attempt to gain lasting influence over an area. If the US wanted to be more influential in Afghanistan than the Taliban, they would use honey instead of bombs. The Taliban is just a convenient excuse to build tactical bases and aggravate volatile nations in Asia. This is the New World Order in motion... as they let our soldiers and Afghan innocents die. The rich have no concern for the poor of this world.

There is so much to be said for evolution. There is a genetic fit out there to meet every crisis. When I was picked out to be a victim of the world's rich oligarchy, they chose poorly. The idiots chose a person genetically capable of enduring their tortures without ever losing her mind and with the strength to stand against them. When they panicked and the missiles flew... my secrets were out. I still say it must have been the British who sent the missiles. Did you talk to NASA about this, yet? There is so much energy in this universe. Despite all of this, I am still a human and due full human rights. If you look at my genetic coding, you will find 32 pairs of chromosomes... all of them X's. And what is your thank you for all I have done for this world? You persecute me. My beautiful world, you need to organize and refuse to comply.

I should really make babies... Sweetness, we have a jukebox romance. Who am I quoting at you today? "I want your lovin', and I want your revenge. You and me could write a bad romance." How does it feel, Sweetness, to be one of two people in the most romantic true life story ever? It is your love that sees me through. Expect a box on Wednesday. I was hoping this would be taken care of by our anniversary, but it looks like Obama is persecuting me longer and making us wait. Happy Valentine's month!!!

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