Saturday, January 8, 2011

This is not Fun.

Just in case you were confused on the topic... This is not fun for me. I live in a constantly tormented state. I am a physical and metal torture and trauma victim. I am still denied all medical care; doctors are not allowed to acknowledge what the government has done to me, so I cannot get care for it. I have no privacy; there is spy equipment in my head against my will. The speakers in my ears are still active. I have to watch the rest of America is still just complacently going along with the bullshit oppression on them. I have yet to meet anyone in the States who flat out refuses to comply with the rules of persecuting me at all times. This is not fun.

But, yes, I still keep it together. I doubt anyone else could endure this long under this persecution without losing his or her mind. I doubt anyone else could endure this at all. This is not fun for me. Oh, and just try explaining how deep human rights violations against me are supposed to help me heal or how anything could be at all enjoyable while I endure them.

So much good would happen if people would just stand up for themselves. You cannot expect someone else to fight your battles for you. You, America, are oppressed. Stand up and refuse to comply. If you do it all together, everyone all at once, if you do it all together, it will end. Do you live in fear of what would happen to you if you told me something they do not want me to know? You are oppressed and terrorized. Go claim your rights. Organize. Act. Refuse to comply. End it yourselves.

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