Friday, August 27, 2010

Hanging on with an Internet Connection

Yes, as you can see, I am hanging in here. Nobody has killed me yet, and I still have just enough of an internet connection to get these worldly things taken care of. Please remember that just about all of the world’s news is kept away from me, so if an important story does not show up as a link, odds are that I was not allowed to see that one.

And now for my outgoing mail update... I just posted a pile of my artwork from my Occupational Therapy sessions to my husband, the Mr. Johnny Depp a.k.a. my Mr. Love-of-my-Life. I also plan to have a pressing letter for my mom in the mail first thing Monday morning. As for celebrity letters, yes, I am writing them again. I should have a big batch ready just as soon as my ink-slinging gets back up to speed.

I am still expecting mail and packages from my mom, Alloy, and Vistaprint. My Alloy package full of pretty new dresses is probably overdue considering when they shipped it, but it does have to come from the States. I hear that getting anything through customs to me is a pain. I should have probably ordered the new clothes from a store in the UK instead, but I can’t change that now.

I am a bit worried that the British are pretending that they do not know what a Power of Attorney is. Just in case they actually do not, I shall remind them. In the land of medical-legal terms, a Power of Attorney is the person who makes all if the decisions about care that the patient would normally make if the patient were not deemed medically incompetent to make her own medical decisions. I was deemed medically incompetent to make my own medical decisions in order for them to lock me into this hell. That means that my Power of Attorney must be consulted about EVERY medical decision made about my care. I presented them with my notarized Power of Attorney paperwork and Final Will and Testament upon my arrival here. I chose very dear friends who are all very knowledgeable of my medical history as my Powers of Attorney, yet the British medical community still refuses to contact them.

As far as my finances are concerned, being the responsible adult that I am, I expanded the powers of my Power of Attorney to make ALL legal decisions on my behalf if I ever end up in ANY situation where I cannot make those decisions myself. The papers were witnessed and notarized in October 2009 while I was feeling my mortality. To complicate this, though, I did not sign a prenuptial agreement that would keep any of my money or belongings away from my husband.

That means half of everything I own is his. It is not that he gets the left red satin t-strap stiletto and I the right one. No, no, no. This means he gets half of the left stiletto AND half of the right stiletto. He gets half of every single solitary object or coin I own. I prefer it that way.

As far as I am concerned, he also gets anything he wants. And if I can figure it out, he can have it even before he asks.

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