Sunday, August 22, 2010

One More Note for New York City

I know that you and I, New York City, have both been in a high-hoped rush to get me, at last, to see the US Open Tennis Championship live and in person this September. Just remember, more than one French citizen has attended the championship in the past. When I speak with people from the States, though, they are still gagged from speaking the truth and their minds with me. You all, as Americans, are due all of your human rights and freedoms, as well. I know I will not and cannot be safe in my beautiful United States of America as long as you are not free either. If you are not allowed to look me in the face and acknowledge the truth, I cannot feel safe among you; there is still too much nefarious wrongdoing afoot if that is the case. Please take care, New York. You and all American people are so dear to my heart. Please make my beautiful America safe enough for me to be in again someday. Please tell my home of San Francisco I will be there as soon as is safely humanly possible.

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