Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Their Injection Torture has Begun Again

Please pardon if I do not make too coherent of sense right now. It feels like there is glue in my brain.

I was dragged to the floor in the common room at 2:30 this afternoon, and staff stuck two needles full of toxins in my backside. I am confined here to make sure I cannot get to help. They want me tortured here until I die.

They still refuse to acknowledge that I am a political hostage in an ACTIVE torture facility. Yet in a medical situation, each individual member of the medical team is accountable for every one of his or her own actions. There is no such thing as "I was just doing what I was told to do." Instead, each individual staff member is obligated to do what is actually best for the patient. My hell has become exponentially worse, and they cannot blame their chain of command for it.

There is clearly no political solution that the British government will honor that would involve my having any human rights, least of all physical safety. This situation requires that I be physically rescued from this very well established torture facility. I trust that you will all do whatever it takes to get me to safety.

They have wanted me dead for so long. Now, it looks like they will succeed. They will torture me until I die as painful a death as they can give me. If no rescue comes for me in time, the question is-- How many people can I save before the pain and torture inflicted on me here finally kills me?

Please bring me news of anything I can help. We have very limited time, now.

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