Friday, August 13, 2010

The Last Few Days

I am disheartened but not disillusioned that the British people have chosen not to redeem themselves nor for me to forgive them. I will do what I want, but I did have hopes that the people of this Island (of reality) of Great Britain would finally do what is right. It was their choice, and they chose enduring culpability.

My days this week have been filled with helping inmates (and the occassional ungrateful nurse) heal, watching the news, self-healing through dance, writing letters, and other odds and ends of activity. I have had the joy of coffee on many the morning or afternoon while I was out for an escorted hour. I have accomplished a lot while being tortured. I owe it to my unstoppable and still husband-protected heart.

And now, I start bringing the more-unpredictable-than-usual ways I prefer.

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