Sunday, August 8, 2010

A Few More Loose Ends for Now

I wonder sometimes if anyone is still following my facebook activity. I set the privacy to “Everyone” on the things of mine I want the whole world to see... Yet, I get so little feedback. Well, even if I am writing facebook stati just to be able to talk to myself, it helps me work through my ideas. I do not plan on stopping anytime soon.

This one may not seem like much of a loose end, but I feel I should make a few more comments on Global Climate Change — we can learn to predict it. We have over one hundred years of global weather data. We, humanity, have already seen all weather possible on this planet from fires during mudslides to raining frogs and red tides. The only thing new we will see is the frequency and degree to which certain weather phenomena occur, and that extremity will make them easier to predict. We can do this. We can keep humanity safe during Global Climate Change. We just need to get a strong enough weather prediction system in place. We already know that the Water Cycle has more water in it, now. We need to get used to predicting it as accurately as possible.

Global Climate Change does not include earthquakes, but earthquakes are another natural feature of our planet. We have been surviving earthquakes since the human race first existed on this Earth. The surface of our world is made up of tectonic plates that interlock much like the many interlocking bones of the human skull. Tension can build up between then, and earthquakes and volcanoes can result to release that pressure. Also, when plates adjust in one place, plates in another place on the surface of the Earth might also have to adjust. It seems like we are caught in a long string of earthquakes, but it is the surface of the Earth releasing natural, geologic pressure as the plates move around. Eventually, the pressure will balance out on its own for a longer period of time.

This world is in more of an information deficit than it is an information overload; though, I will understand if someone says we have been in a misinformation overload. This paragraph is a thank you to all of the people helping me pop open bubbles of contained knowledge to get the truth both out of and into information-controlled areas. Thank you, for helping me to clear the fog, point out what is and is not factual, and drag podpeople to reality whenever possible. I do not know where I would be without all of the help you give me.

As for an unexpected loose end, does anybody know how many military bases the Obama administration has in the works? At last count, I had Zanzibar, Japan (I know there is one there already, but wasn’t there something about building a new one?), the West Coast of Africa, and Kyrgyzstan on the list I have been subconsciously assembling. I also assume the administration plans to leave behind bases in Iraq and Afghanistan. The American military and I have a very strong relationship. I worry over where all of this base-building is going. I do not think it is in keeping with maintaining the safety of anyone, least of all the American people. That is the real job of the military, you know. They exist to keep America safe at all possible costs of their own human life.

Next, I will finally comment on Obama going grey. From what I can tell, Obama’s grey hairs are a result of his enacting public policy based solely on covering his own backside in order to stay in power. He acts as President in keeping with the way the wind is blowing instead of acting out of moral convictions. Besides, he is so conservative (although incompetent at it) that the Democratic Party should have disowned him what feels like long ago. If you believe he supports me now and all of a sudden, it is because he wants to be associated with me and my benevolence. However, he still has policies that are preying on my family, and my beautiful America is still in tatters due to many of his own actions. Most personally, he is the one who sent the executive order to rape me systemically in order to break and control me. He does not support me; he just wants to stay in power.

Finally, nuclear weapons: Missiles sailed through the air in late May. Later, I felt what I thought were missiles going off while still inside their silos, but it is possible those were nuclear reactors malfunctioning. I have also felt submarines arm and fire. The only government I can deduce was willing to hit the trigger is the British. They were so guilty after building ThunderDome in Greater Manchester and setting it to self-destruct that they wanted humanity ended to never be held responsible.

What we learned from Japan at the end of World War II includes not only the devastation of atomic technology but also the resilience of humankind to survive it. What we know of Darwinism includes that life evolves to meet each crisis to help prevent the end of all life. Yes, when the bomb dropped on Chicago, I noticed without being told, and yes, I chose to do something about the fallout and the remaining missiles in the air. I chose to prevent the end of humanity every time a crisis listed above shook my being.

Yes, the British government tortured me for it. They tortured me heavily. My being here started with them wanting me so broken I could never be free of a medical detention. After preventing all of their nuclear disasters to the best of my abilities, they wanted me tortured until I died. My fight for survival in here has not been an easy one. “THANK YOU!” to everyone who supports me and to those who support those who support me.

In two more posts, I will discuss the purposes of having a nuclear arsenal, and that there are better technologies out there for meeting those ends.

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