Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Whatever it Takes

I learned today that they want to start the injection torture on me again. I still understand that it takes time to organize an entire planet to stand up and demand my freedom from tiny England, but we need to do this faster. If at all possible, get me out before the first needle gets near me. Please do whatever it takes to get me to safety. We already know the injection torture breaks my connection with the natural world and takes away my ability to prevent nuclear warheads from decimating the planet. That is likely what they have planned.

Please do whatever it takes. Please also pardon this understatement, but I would also hate to be tortured to death in here. They have wanted that for months, now.

I would like criminal charges filed against the NHS and every last member of the nursing staff involved in this. Please also do anything else you can think of to get me to safety. Thank you.

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