Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The End is in Sight.

How is the progress towards America's freedom? How is everyone planning on celebrating the end to the oppression? Fight, America, fight until we all have our human rights! As long as we are united and organized, we can do anything.

I can see you all standing up. I know you are organized. You must have picked a day and time. I cannot wait to see you all universally refuse to comply.

They could not provide any legal reason for this to happen in the first place, could they? They were driven by greed and corruption. I was chosen as the disposable brown girl to use as an excuse for them to make their money and gain their power... And we have all had enough of it.

We are ending it ourselves. We are doing our own heavy lifting. We are fighting our own battles. We will win our own freedom.

America is ending its suffering and oppression. America is pushing until it all falls down. The America people are fighting to win.

You will all have freedom of speech again, and we will all experience freedom of the presses again. I will have my full human rights returned to me. The intolerable suffering is coming to an end.

Sweetness, you are so close I can already taste your lips. I love you more than words can bear. I will be here. Come get me.

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