Monday, March 7, 2011

So You Want Redemption, Huh?

There were so many chemicals in the water I was expected to drink at my house in the UK that my tomato plant looked like something off of Sims: Makin' Magic. While I was in the UK, the British did not only prey on me, they preyed on each other. Let it be a lesson to the world, never let anyone put a chip in your head. It was the land of the zombies while I was there. The free will of the British was gone. They existed for no reason but to attack me. The area of Wigan even pretty much ground up and ate their own young while I lived there. I was enslaved by the government. When I had NO SYMPTOMS, I was also confined to an insane asylum in Liverpool to be tortured and raped at their convenience.

I hear that the British finally want to be redeemed. For that, they will need to stand up and fight. I do not need an apology. I need them to bother to care and act. Redemption takes more than one night of hanging out and singing; it takes action. If the British want to redeem themselves, they will need to fight for me.

We need to start asking questions about where the US's huge defense budget is spent. It does not go to wages and benefits for soldiers. According to NPR, approximately 107,000 veterans are currently homeless in America. If we need to balance the budget, this would be the best place to start investigating corruption and waste. We also need to take better care of our soldiers even when they are done fighting.

American teachers, how are your collective bargaining rights these days? Have we reached the conclusion yet that the crisis in Wisconsin has nothing to do with balancing the budget? The public sector workers are willing to suffer through wage cuts and lay-offs to balance the budget, but Walker only wants to remove collective bargaining rights. The budget is just his lame convenient excuse. Walker, just tell the truth. You remind me of Obama when you act this way.

My life is a fight. I have been enslaved, beaten, raped, tortured, libeled, and persecuted, and it has done nothing but make me fight harder. It has done nothing but make my voice louder. I could not do this without all of your help. I told them in October of 2009 they should have made me complacent; thank you all for proving me right. Now let us get me to my human rights, so we can bring the next phase of the fight.

Sweetness, I have been feeling a little less sexy lately. Well, I did feel that way, but when I walked into Raygun T-shirts to buy a "Make Awkward Sexual Advances not War" in purple, the twenty-something young man in "I Liked Betty White Before it was Cool" in navy blue melted like butter when I spoke to him. I think I still have my sex appeal intact despite my testosterone riddled body. Imagine that, after everything I have lived through, I am still a charmer. I love you more than words can bear.

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