Friday, March 18, 2011

Numbers on our Side.

Do not forget, my beautiful world, that we have numbers on our side. As long as we stay united and organized, we can do anything. We just have to do it all together and all at once.

Thank you for standing up. Thank you for organizing. Thank you for picking and sticking to a date and time. Thank you for universally refusing to comply.

I hear that Obama has been making idle threats. There is nothing he can do as long as we are all united. There is nothing he can do as long as the nation chooses to refuse to comply together and all at once. Besides, the military and justice department are on my side. Obama has no resources once we universally refuse to comply.

It is a matter of numbers. There are so many of us pushing now until we win (Excelsior!), that we are unstoppable. The people are speaking. The government better listen. We will finally have our Constitutional rights returned!

I will be spending the weekend in Minnesota visiting my little sister with my mom. We will be back here in the house from hell Sunday afternoon. Tennis is on television Saturday and Sunday afternoons, and I do not plan on missing much.

Sweetness, to quote the Moody Blues, "Love eternal shall not be denied."

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