Friday, March 11, 2011

I Could Not Sleep Last Night.

I could not sleep last night. I could not even shut my eyes. Desperate for news, I went online... and learned about Japan. Let us see how much we can help.

The increased earthquake activity as of late is not a part of Global Climate Change. The earthquakes are part of a Tectonic phase the Earth is in right now. This has nothing to do with the weather, and this is not the Apocalypse. If we bother to help those that suffer and keep planning for the future, humanity will survive the earthquakes, too. I made it my mission to carry humanity through Global Climate Change. I do not plan on having it undone by any earthquakes.

It is a reminder, though, of the things humans cannot change. Yes, there are a great many things in this world of which I am capable, but I cannot stop an earthquake. No, I cannot speak with the dead in the afterlife. No, I cannot stop the waters from rising. But I can do everything in my power to make humanity survive all of this. I am more than a symbol. I am even more than a highly intelligent symbol. I am a highly intelligent symbol with unbelievable people skills. We can do this. Trust me.

I take it you have finally spoken with NASA. Did anyone else see the flash in the sky and the shooting stars at night? I have said it so many times, and I will say it again. You are so lucky I am only benevolent. And after all of the horrors you have made me suffer through, I can still only be benevolent. I cannot fight who I truly am. Besides, after all the torture, rape, and persecution you are lucky enough I am sane, least of all sane AND benevolent.

As for you, Obama the Oppressor, I know you think of me as nothing but a disposable brown girl you intended to use to start your disasters, to excuse your wars, and to obfuscate your personal quests for power and money with the full intention of tossing me away when you were done with me. But I am NOT disposable. I am a human. And as a human I deserve my full human rights. I am done with being your victim. You will see America take me out of your clutches, and you will see the world keep me safe. America is done with your oppression and casual disregard for everybody's Constitutional rights; the world is done with your unjustifiable games.

My beautiful world, ask yourself why all of this energy is being spent to force me to suffer further instead of Obama spending it hunting out who sent the missiles in the first place.

I am hunger striking until I get my full human rights. I will not eat until I have freedom. Today was full of headaches, but to be honest, I cannot tell if those were from the lack of food or from the lack of sleep. The nausea from the hunger pains has pretty much passed, but it was with me most of the day. Coffee has no caloric value, and it keeps me sharp. I cannot have too much without debilitating stomach acid, though. All in all, there has been little complain about, yet. But I am already pretty damn cranky.

Sweetness, what have I gotten you caught up in? I keep muttering to myself, "If just had enough money to get to Martinique, I would be home free." I love you. Bear with me. I will find a way to end this. I am doing everything I can.

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