Monday, March 21, 2011

I am not Medically Depressed; I am Unhappy Because I am Persecuted.

I am not allowed to have a job. I am not allowed to travel. There is no way for me to go back to school. I cannot write anything and keep it private. I have no control over my own intellectual property. I have no privacy as long as there is spy equipment in my head. I am forced to live with my racist, sexist, homophobic, and abusive father.

Every doctor (except for my chiropractor) who comes near me commits medical malpractice because they refuse to acknowledge the reality of what I have lived through. This means I cannot have treatment for the years of abuse, torture, and rape I have endured. Most distressingly, they refuse to remove the spy equipment they know is in my head.

I am not allowed a lawyer. I have no way to bring my father to court to have his illegally-procured adult guardianship over me revoked. I have no way to seek out justice for the years of wrongs committed against me. I am not allowed to seek any justice at all.

I am not allowed to see my childhood friends. I am not allowed to call any friends at all. I am not allowed to spend time with any of my friends. I cannot even ask friends I have had for years for their addresses.

I am not allowed to be with my husband. I am not allowed two-way communication with my husband. I am not allowed to plan for a future with my own husband. This means I am also not allowed to have children with my own loving husband.

Look at how I live. I am not medically depressed. I am unhappy because I am persecuted.

I am a highly capable person, but I am not allowed to do anything. I am not allowed to use my skills to better mankind. I am not allowed to work on or solve problems. I have freedom of speech, but I do not have a freedom to go and learn and do.

Let us end this now. Rage, rage, rage, my beautiful world. Go and do because I am not allowed to. Fight and rage and do not let them take your freedom and rights away any longer. America knows I cannot have my human rights until they stand up and fight for and win their own.

I am a persecuted individual. I have nothing to do but fight. Maybe some day I will have the freedom to be happy.

Stand up. Organize. Pick a day and time. And universally refuse to comply.

We will win this. We have the numbers to do it. Just do not stop raging until it ends.

Sweetness, I love you. I am doing everything I can. I wish I could get myself out of this hell myself, but I still need a hand with that. My father is that evil. We will find a way.

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