Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Universally Refuse to Comply.

It is not over until I am free. Do not stop the fight until this is over. This will not be over until I have my full human rights. This will not be over until the oppression and persecution ends. Do not let the culprits lull you into complacency with their inaction. I still suffer. We all still suffer. This is not over, yet.

Keep fighting. Organize to universally refuse to comply.

Ask them if they can provide one reason at all why this continues.

Give them 24 hours. Question everything they say. Make them support their arguments. Call out all of their lies. Publicly name every slanderer. Wait 24 hours for one legal, rational reason that stands up to scrutiny.

Once it is clear there was no legal reason at all for this to happen in the first place, universally refuse to comply.

It is a matter of numbers. If the whole nation stands up and refuses to humor the illegal policy together, it will end. Stay unified and organized, and you will be able to move the world.

I know this will take planning. I have faith you will all have me out of this bubble as soon as humanly possible.

Thank you.

Sweetness, this will work. I love you. I cannot wait to kiss your face.

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