Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Obama was Whining.

I heard Obama had the audacity to whine about something I had to say about him. He actually whined about the fact he has taken away two years of my human rights and as a result I do not like him. There is an easy way to fix this; Obama the Oppressor, give me back my human rights. Stop oppressing all of America, and maybe I will finally have a chance to lay off pointing out your incompetence. Dare I say it? If you go so far as to genuinely repent, I will even have a chance to forgive you. It starts with you giving me my full human rights. Get off your ass and bother to do something right for once.

Oh, my beautiful world, keep fighting the good fight. Keep making your voices heard. Stay united, organized, and strong. This is a time of change. Make sure they are only changes for the better. When you are united and strong, you can demand anything... Please make sure you demand only the best. Settle for nothing less than what you deserve.

I have many views of education and what will fix the problems with education in the US. I have always believed an education is an end it itself. (Read the comments. You will find me in the comments.) I have always valued knowing things and creating things. Because of this, I was an over-achiever as a child, and I have grown up to be a student of the world. There is no such thing for me as knowing enough about anything. For this reason, I think fixing education starts with our culture.

Children have to value the education process in order to devote enough time and energy to do their best in school. There are so many impediments from teaching practices to a lack of resources that prevents students from valuing their education and learning experiences. Students need to see the importance of an education to leading a full and rich life; they need to be enticed into choosing to learn all they can. If they have the appetite, they will seek out the knowledge... THEN it will be the challenge of providing enough guidance and information. We cannot force education upon students; we need to make our children want to learn.

Sweetness, I dream of you always. I cannot wait for the day we finally get to be together. I cannot wait to kiss your waiting lips and proud face; I cannot stand that we are kept apart. I need to touch you the way the flowers kiss the rain. My heart is bursting as I write this. I love you more than words can bear. If I weep one more time over how far apart we are, I will drown in my tears before I have a chance to drown in your brown eyes. I cannot stand this; I love you too much. Come by and pick me up, and we can just disappear into the night. We can board a sailboat and never look back. Hold me, Sweetness, hold me and never let go.

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