Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Today's Second Blog Post...

We all know I am a firm supporter of unions. Workers, teachers, firefighters, police officers, everyone needs the right to collective bargaining. I have been waiting for Wisconsin to sort itself out, but it looks like they need a nudge. The employees ought to have a right to choose between layoffs and pay cuts or the end to their right to collective bargaining. The employees affected should have that choice.

Unions are like bras. They exist because they serve a purpose. I have a choice whether or not I wear a bra just like I have a choice whether or not I join a union. But, I find that descending a staircase hurts a lot less if I wear a bra. Sometimes a little extra support goes a long way.

It is strange that I have attracted such diverse support as I have. We all know I am too liberal to be a Democrat, but Republicans love me. Thank you for that. It truly and sincerely means a lot to me.

One of the sources of support I am most proud of is the military. Yes, I am a peacemonger, and it is in no small part due to not wanting to see you die or be permanently harmed. The role of the military is to defend the US at all costs, even the loss of life. I support you unconditionally, but I cannot support all of the places you are sent and endangered. Too many people with no regard for human life and suffering have been using the US military to serve their own ends. You have been sent to conflicts in order to warmonger instead of protect your home too many times. You did not agree to create conflicts in the world when you joined the armed forces. Instead, you agreed to defend and protect the American way of life. This reminds me of some promises I have made.

Promises I have made that I plan on keeping include...
1.) visiting the troops abroad,
2.) going on the David Letterman Show,
3.) throwing a party for the NSA,
4.) offering a job to my friend, Finn,
5.) attending one of Sweetness's movie premieres just to spend the entire film making out.

Sadly, I must wait for my full human rights before I can do any of this. When will President Incompetent get off his ass and do his real job?

How much do you all know about quantum physics? Quantum physics has brought a lot of scientists out of their comfort zone. There are things that happen in our universe that are difficult to explain through the constrictive rigors defining the way most scientists look at the world. But energy is a powerful thing. And explanations for many happenings previously called phenomena have found home in quantum physics. (Hello, my name is Squid.)

The effort to bridge quantum physics into the more narrow-minded sciences is known as Manifold Theory. Manifold Theory was previously called String Theory. It is an effort to have one theory cover all conditions and situations that arise in the natural world.

This, of course, begs the question: Does a basic order, an underlying mathematical truth, spawn a faith in a higher power? If the universe can completely "make sense," does that mean we were all put into working order by a higher plan? And then, what is that higher plan?

For me, faith is the higher power. For me, truth and belief can do anything. Yes, I am an a(e)theist who acknowledges religions serve an important role in helping us make sense of the universe. This is not enough to give me a religion. But I know what faith and love can do.

Sweetness, I am here. Come get me.

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